I started out years back focused on web and motion design. But even as a young creative/art director the growing passion towards illustration, typography and graphic design drove me out of the agency world. I started my design studio – Visual Brain Gravity and at the same time became a Young creative of the year and presented Slovenia in Cannes. I have more than 80 international and domestic design awards (ADCE, Volvo Design Award, SOF, Brumen,  European Design Award, Golden Drum,…) and besides occasional lectures, personal exhibitions and brand consulting he has also been a member of numerous juries and has been selected as one of 10 celebrated creatives by the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADC*E). Currently, I am building brands for a verity of industries, where I discovered the importance of studio side-project with my own brands emphasizing my claim that good design is for good clients. I am is also a host of the Creative Mornings Ljubljana and sometimes write columns on creativity.

This will be an ongoing project. Since I tend to forget most of the things…

2022 – among 40 interviews of the decade – MArketingMagaxine

2022 – Reddot for Kocbek

The design of this bottle is inspired by the old wooden stamp that the company founder Alojz Kócbek used to mark the highest quality of his pumpkin seed oil in 1929. Since then, the production of this oil has become a family tradition. To underscore the quality, the bottle is mouth-blown from the purest glass at the renowned Steklarna Hrastnik glass factory in Slovenia and features a shape that matches the worn 90-year-old wooden stamp. The initials of the founder, AK, on the bottle are also based on the original. A specially developed glass pipette allows the oil to be carefully dispensed.

2021 – packaging of the world – Odori

2021 – worldbrandingdesign – featured kocbek

2021 – PRINT magazine – featured on printmag that is one of the most important magazines since 1940. Featured project: Kocbek bottle.

2021 – Moved my office to the city center of Ljubljana.

2020 – 38. Slovenski Oskar za embalažo  Kocbek
Čeprav gre za eno najstarejših nagrad, mi je tokrat ljubši opis žirije: prof. Vladimir Pezdirc, Jani Bavčer in dr. Gregor Radonjič so zapisali: “Že tretjo generacijo od leta 1929 družina Kocbek prideluje bučno olje izjemne, vrhunske kvalitete, ki je našlo svoje mesto v najboljših restavracijah po celotnem svetu. Moč tradicije in izredno kvaliteto bučnega olja Kocbek je prepoznal tudi oblikovalec Gregor Žakelj ter ustvaril čudovit preplet in sozvočje vsebine in njenega ovoja. Oblikovna zasnova steklenice in pipete s svojo podobo in izraznostjo dopolnjuje izredno kvaliteto olja in ga umešča v najvišji razred posebnih in enkratnih kulinaričnih doživetij.”

2020 – SOF jurry – design

2020 – on executive board of Brumen

2019 – story about 4kidsandus in MarketingMagazine

2019 – G bottle on package of the world

2019 – Plaktivat jury

2019 – interview: radio Ognjišče

2019 – podcast: Zakulisje

2018 – TEDx talk Sevnica

2018 – Kocbek press conference – the green gold project.

2018 – Kazina redesgin in MarketingMagazine.

2018 – Citycenter Celje in MarketingMagazine.

2018 – DOS – discussion on design.

2017 – after 10 years of winning awards (more than 80) on advertising festivals I stopped participating. It was a personal decision that some things are more important.

2017 – Kocbek – Golden Drum shortlist

2017 – Brumen – 4kidsandus, Bad day is good beer day, HCC

★ 2017 – Goodbiz lecture – 100 projects

2017 – 4kidsandus – featured in the Graphic design section on Behance

2017 – Story interview.

2017 – 4kidsandus are on the Packaging of the World

★ 2017 – TedX Sevnica

2017 – Jana interview

2017 – Kocbek – SOF – grand prix

★ 2017 – Lecture – Šola za lajf / Nismo vsi za vse.

★ 2016 – Lectured – Tromos / Norway. Probably my all-time best trip to the unknown. Loved every minute of it.

2016 – German Design Award 2x nominations.

2016 – Aiga – Bad day is a good beer day – featured.

2016 – Delo – Sobotna priloga interview

2016 – Regpack – 4kidsandus award

2016 – 4kidsandus – SOF grand prix

★ 2016 – Infinum – Design Disruptors – Zagreb – discussion

★ 2016 – Frešn – lecture

2015 – Slovenia – viral post

2015 – Reinovator academy mentor.

2015 – MM interview

2015 – Brumen – Umek

2015 – started hosting Creative Mornings. I believe in sharing knowledge – it is something universal about that.

2015 – redesigned Netiver – Carole Guevin blog was my only design mentor for years

★ 2015 – Les je več – lecture in Kočevje

2015 – 3rd agency on SOF

2015 – Outstanding jurry.

★ 2015 – It is not ok to fail – lecture – Women conference

2015 – worked fro Lynne Franks

★ 2015 – Reinovator academy lecture

★ 2015 – The Cup – lecture

2015 – Design Made in Slovenia – start
2015 – Tresk jury.

2015 – Google mapped me

2015 – SOF – 3. palce as agency

2015 – Design Made in Slovenia – start

2015 – Google mapped me

2015 – Redesigned nedtiver /
here was once a young boy out there, reaching out from the smallest possible place you can imagine. Never really believed he will be somebody and I am sure only a few believed he will become. Even when he was already standing on his own two feet, head on into creative world, chances were small. He got around reading Netdiver Magazine facing the selected few creatives (Carole Guevin) handpicked and featured up there. Day by day he was realizing he will never grow to be that talented. But he was a fighter and worked as hard as he could. Against the odds. Facing his own fears. Day by day. Year after year. Well that boy was me.”
After C. decidet to resurface…i was honored to do the branding. Little me…can u imagine that. I am a designer as i am because of her…and i still can’t believe that…

2014 – founded Dimension Two Longboards

2014 – Finance – interview

★ 2015 – ADCE lecture in Barcelona – Creativity Festival – on of 10 most creative people in Europe

★ 2014 – MOP Varaždin – lecture

★ 2014 – PUNKT – lecture

2014 – TNW –  VIA Europe top 10 apps

2014 – SOF – Umek – grand prix

2014 – Epica award – Dimension Two Longboards

2014 – founded Dimension Two Longboards

2005 – ISPO award for Artec Project

2004 – started my studio Visual Brain Gravity

2004 – created Promorama with Gregor Fras

2004 – became Young Creative of the Year in Slovenia and went to Cannes.

2003 – started Subtotal with Jaro Jelovac

2001 – became Art Director at Renderspace / Pristop

1999 – started working for Renderspace as web designer

1998 – kicked me in the butt and started working web designer

there is almost nothing to say here.