I’m a designer and owner of the → visual brain gravity ← design studio, based in Ljubljana. Crafting in the middle of the most beautiful country called Slovenia, where I am searching for exciting projects and been doing this for more than 20 years. There were times for awards and jury work but now is all about sharing knowledge, lecturing and emphasizing my claim that good design is for good clients.

Kocbek – From generation to generation, the tradition of making the highest quality organic pumpkin seed oil was kept as a family secret. It is known as the green gold.

4kidsandus – Impeccable natural skincare products. It has the feel of homemade and natural with a modern aesthetic.

Dimension Two Longboards – Inspired by our beautiful backyard where our path runs on sunny side of the alps, passing the deep valleys, breathing in the urban madness and ending up in the low lying coastal trails.

Bad day is a good beer day – A brutally honest brand, so next day we will only have #nobaddays.

The G – There something extra special when working on side projects. I do this all the time – it makes me feel alive.

The best way would be to email me info/at/vbg.si and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

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